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Welcome to droppd, the premiere hosting platform for all-things free music. Designed to support artists, delight fans, and work with the crucial network of bloggers that bring them together, droppd is raising the bar on mixtapes.

We built droppd from the ground-up to help artists leverage their freely-released music to drive real value. droppd is 100% free (with no upload limits, caps, or premium tiers), and 100% ad-free. Releases hosted on droppd live on clean and modern landing pages that promote artists’ engagements (like new album releases and upcoming tour dates) to fans, without any BS getting in-between.

Access to droppd is restricted to verified artist and blogger users, who can upload and manage content. droppd is not a discovery platform and does not support accounts for fans -- content uploaded on the platform is openly accessible to anyone, and is made available through widgets and links posted by our users on their sites and social accounts.

droppd is currently in an invite-only beta and will be launching soon.
Interested artists and bloggers can register now to request early access.

Done Right

a quality experience for your free-release music that helps drive real value

Free, Limit-Free

no fees, no upload limits, no download barriers, no premium tiers, and no spammy ads

Landing Page

highly-optimized download pages put all the focus on your music and your engagements

Always Looking Fresh

modern, responsive, clean -- droppd widgets and download pages look good on any device

Better For You

freely and effortlessly promote your album and ticket sales to fans at the point of download

Better For Your Fans

no spammy ads, no logins, no throttled downloads -- a quality experience for quality music

Totally Fast

the music you love, fast -- no throttled downloads, no wait times, no countdown timers

Totally Open

everything on droppd, avalaible to everyone -- no registration, no login, no BS

Totally Cool

ad-free and totally free of fake download links, video captchas, and all that other annoying crap

Quality Audio

get your music in the best quality put-out by the artist -- no downsampling

Quality Tags

cover art, track titles, featuring artists, ... all checked and fixed manually so you don’t have to

Quality Info

check-out where to get tickets to your favorite artists’ shows, while enjoying their music

Built For You

specialized blogger user accounts designed around supporting your needs


streamlined upload process for blogger users helps you get content on your site faster


get clean, modern, and customizable widgets that look (and work) great on any site

Better For Your Site

isolated download pages link-back to your site, helping keeping visitors there

Better For Your Visitors

be confident in linking your visitors to fast, reliable, and safe download pages

Totally Free

no fees, no upload limits, no download barriers, no premium tiers, and no spammy ads

Better For You, Better For Your Fans

Releases you host on droppd live on isolated landing pages, optimized to drive fan engagements -- promoting your premium music and ticket sales.

We keep it simple for you and friction-free for your fans, by automatically finding and promoting your albums and ticket sales from leading distributors like iTunes, Amazon, Xbox Music, and SongKick.

You get a clean, modern, and professional site to showcase your release and promote fan engagements. Your fans get the music they love -- with no spammy ads, registration walls, throttled downloads, or any other BS getting in the way -- plus highly relevant info, like where to grab tickets to your next show.

Fly Widgets Show-Off Your Music In Style

Fresh, clean, modern -- droppd widgets show-off your music in style, on any site, and across all devices.

Select between responsive classic ‘list-style’ or rich modern ‘cover art’ designs to customize appearance and functionality to your liking.

droppd widgets put all the focus on your music, and nothing else, and are optimized to drive fans to your custom download pages, with no distractions or barriers getting in the way.

And Twitter! Do you connect with fans on Twitter? We got you covered, droppd widgets are fully integrated as Twitter Cards and are automatically generated whenever you tweet links to your releases.

Bloggers! Optimized To Support Your Site

We’re big fans of the diverse network of music bloggers and sites that help grow emerging artists and expose fans to great new music.

So, working with some of them, we built droppd as the first and only platform that specifically caters to you -- offering specialized user accounts optimized to you needs, with faster uploading and customizable widgets that give you more control over your visitors’ experience.

droppd is designed to help compliment your site, not compete with it for traffic. Links or widgets you create always direct to download pages that are isolated from the rest of the site, link-back to your site, and are cobranded with your logo, helping keep users there.

Fans! Quality Music, Quality Experience

No spam, no misleading links, no registration walls, no video captchas, no countdown timers, no throttled downloads, ... no BS.

We put the music you want front-and-center and provide fast, transparent, and reliable downloads without any crap getting in the way.

And we got you on audio quality too. Unlike other sites, we never downsample tracks to reduce file sizes, so you always get your music in the highest quality uploaded by the artist.

And tags! Ever download a release and find missing or poorly-tagged tracks? We’ve been there, and we know its a pain.. So we’re working to fix that, by manually checking each upload and cleaning things up for you.

Drop In

Artist or Blogger? Can’t wait to get in on all this droppd goodness?
We’re launching soon, but you can register now to request early access as part of our invite-only beta.

Fan? You’re all set. Everything hosted on droppd is totally open to you, with no registration walls or barriers to access.
But want to get experiencing droppd sooner? Connect with your favorite artists and bloggers and spread the word about droppd!

And hit us up @droppd_co on Twitter (and Instagram) to stay-up on the latest.